I've been working with clay since I was a little kid.  Back then I made a lot of animals, usually types with big teeth and sharp claws.  I started throwing on the wheel sometime around 1992 after my mom talked me into taking a ceramics class at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

Over time, pottery has become more and more of a retreat from the stresses of everyday life.  Since my main job involves making websites, I get special enjoyment from the hands-on aspect of pottery.  Assuming nothing goes too badly wrong, you wind up with a nice, physical object to look at; this somehow provides a different sense of satisfaction than something made of zeroes and ones.  Plus, no one can hack a piece of pottery. 

In a world where technology is changing quickly and what was good enough yesterday is now obsolete, there is a certain sense of peace that comes with doing a simple activity to produce something tangible, unchanging, and lasting.  A good pot will always be a good pot.